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One-visit Dental Crowns

CEREC® same-day dentistry

Here's how CEREC® works:

Your Smile Center Dentist will use a special camera to take a digital optical impression of the area to be restored. This will create a map of the tooth structure and convert it into a 3D model.
We customize your restoration using 3D imaging software while you relax with a magazine or music headphones.
After your dentist approves the final design, the CEREC® milling system employs CAD/CAM technology to shape the crown from a high-strength, metal-free ceramic block in a shade to match your smile.
Once seated in place, your restoration is complete - no second visit required! CEREC® may also be used for beautifully natural-looking fillings and cosmetic veneers. So, you can leave our dental office with a confident smile and get on with your day!
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