The Roots of Orthodontics

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Amongst the many practices in dental health, orthodontics is one of the most popular practice that a lot of people use. But to understand how it is developed, you must know how it came about. And you’ll be surprised on how old this practice is.

Dental braces are a common view and are worn by people from various age, and these are not just accessories contrary to popular belief. Oral braces are placed on an individual’s teeth in order to align them so that they are straight. This will allow the individual to bite and chew much easier, in addition to make their overall look more attractive. Braces are frequently made use of to enhance things that are not best with the teeth and jaws. These things consist of overbites and misaligned teeth.

But what does it have to do with orthodontics? Braces are actually part of the dental practice of orthodontics. Orthodontics is a part of dental care that provides correction or treatment of a person’s bite or the alignment of the teeth. Though modern individuals, especially the young ones, think that this is a new trend in dental care, it is actually one of the oldest practices in the history of dental care.

Orthodontics in the Ancient Times

Can you guess how “ancient” the use of dental braces are? Dental braces can be traced back to the ancient mummies. Some were discovered with metal bands around their teeth. Back in the early days, feline digestive tract was made use of as a replacement for wire to close the spaces in between teeth. Around 500 BC, a Greek doctor, Hippocrates and Aristotle and a theorist thought about numerous manners in which they could make certain dental concerns much better like aligning teeth. Old does not even come close to describing the practice of orthodontics after all.

Orthodontics in the Medieval Times

Throughout the medieval times, people frequently complained about their misaligned teeth. Nevertheless, it wasn’t till the 1700s, when orthodontics ended up being a licensed field of science. At the time, there was a French dental practitioner whose name was Pierre Fauchard and he wrote a book that devoted a whole chapter to the various methods of correcting the alignment of teeth.

The French dental expert used a metal device that appears like a horseshoe to expand the arch of the mouth. After that, another French dental professional, Ettienne Bourdet, created the concept of eliminating premolar teeth so that there was more area inside the mouth and it got rid of overcrowding of the teeth. Indeed, French dental practitioners during the medieval period has added a lot of flair for the practice of orthodontics.

The Early 1800’s and 1900’s Practice of Orthodontics

There have been many advances in the orthodontic field considering that its establishment in 1819. It was established by Frank Delabarre who created the concept to use a wire crib. A number of years later, Joachim Lafoulon began utilizing the term orthodontia. Since then, there have been continuous advances in oral innovation; including x-rays.

Throughout the early part of the 1900s, Edward H. Angle started the very first class of fixing teeth issues that now to this day is the heart of mainstream orthodontics. This class covers everything from the manner in which teeth are pointed along with the way they fit inside the mouth. Mr. Angle is also notable for producing brand-new oral devices. He likewise started the very first college of orthodontics and began the American Society of Orthodontia.

As far as strategies in the orthodontic field, the very first orthodontists used various types of products including steel, wood and ivory throughout the early part of the 1900s. Gold was used as wires and bands that walked around each tooth. This was not constantly the best method to use since they needed to be routinely changed. Nevertheless, in the 1970s, major improvements took place. These developments included brackets that were bonded onto each tooth.

In the more recent years, braces have actually gone from metal to undetectable. When unnoticeable braces was initially created, ceramic was utilized. Now they are made of clear aligners that change the teeth in child steps. The aligners are removed when you eat or brush your teeth. It takes about a year to really see results with these clear braces. In addition, the clear braces have to be replaced every couple of weeks.

Indeed, this practice of dental care has endured ages and multiple modifications of methods. Our modern society is now enjoying the works of our ancestors including orthodontics. And with the technology advancing every day, we are sure that further development of orthodontics will surely emerge.

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