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Enhancing your smile and making it appear brighter and whiter than ever is one of our goals here at Smile Center .  We aim to help you achieve the kind of smile you have always wanted, that smile you can be proud of, through our teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures as it lightens your teeth and helps remove stains and discoloration. It can greatly impact how your teeth look.This cosmetic procedure is actually not recommended for everyone, but is ideal for people who have healthy unrestored teeth and gums. Patients with yellow tones to their teeth respond best to teeth whitening.

There are several reasons on why the teeth gets stained or becomes yellow. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Using tobacco
  • Drinking dark colored beverages such as coffee, soda and wine
  • Poor oral hygiene

There is also a so-called intrinsic stain which means that the stain comes from the inside of the tooth. This can be caused by exposure to too much fluoride as a child while teeth are developing. Other causes include tetracycline antibiotics. They can stain a child’s teeth if taken by a mother during the second half of pregnancy or if taken by a child who is 8 years or younger. Trauma from injury or accident can also darken teeth.

Is teeth whitening for you?

The following are the circumstances when whitening is not recommended and encouraged:

  • Age and pregnancy issues – whitening or bleaching is not recommended for children under 16 because the nerve of the tooth is not enlarged until this age. If teeth whitening is done this early for a child, it could irritate the pulp and make it more sensitive. Whitening is also not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
  • Sensitive teeth and allergies – Individuals with sensitive teeth and gums should get a dentist’s advice first prior to having teeth whitening. Also people with allergic reactions to peroxide are not advised to have teeth whitening.
  • Gum diseases – Individuals with gum disease or worn out tooth enamel are discouraged from having teeth whitening. Tooth problems such as cavities have to be treated first prior to the whitening procedure because the whitening solutions can penetrate into the decay and inner areas of the tooth and will result to sensitivity.
  • Fillings, crowns, and other restorations – It is not advised to use teeth whitening on dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, bondings and bridges because they will only result to uneven whitening. The whitening procedure should be done prior to the restoration. Individuals with numerous restorations may need to consider using bondings, veneers or crowns instead of teeth whitening system. It is always best to ask your dentist to know what the best procedure is for you.
  • Darkly stained teeth –Only yellowish teeth respond best to bleaching or whitening, but brownish colored teeth respond less well and grayish or purple stained teeth may not respond to whitening at all. Teeth that have dark stains may be better with other options such as veneers, bonding or crowns.

There are several ways to brighten your teeth but the most common methods are the following:

  1. In Office Teeth Whitening

The In office teeth whitening is also referred to as professional teeth whitening which is done here at Smile Center. This is the most preferred whitening method. Stronger agents are applied in this type of procedure but the teeth and gums are protected from these materials. In office teeth whitening can make your teeth 10 times whiter in just an hour.

In-office whitening affects only the front eight teeth and is a great start for take-home whitening, which is always part of an effective whitening program.

There are rare case of tooth sensitivity that arise from teeth whitening but your dentists knows how to handle these issues best. Depending on how to take care of your teeth, the effect of this procedure can last longer.

  1. Over the counter or Home tooth Whitening systems

Commercially available tooth whitening systems are becoming popular because they are convenient and easy to use and are relatively inexpensive.

There are a few over-the-counter tooth whitening methods that can be purchased without your dentist’s supervision. They include whitening strips, paint-on tooth gel, mouth trays with gel, whitening toothpaste, and even whitening gum. These are generally safe to use but if unsure, it is always best to consult your dentist.

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