Should I get a boost in teeth whitening in Atlanta?

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Smile center, a dental clinic is located at two locations in Atlanta. One, Midtown and two, Buckhead. The smile center team lead by Dr. Steve Wingfield is one of the most prominent dental service providers. The vision of the team is to provide you with utmost care and attention while providing you with the most efficient services. Each patient is treated with love, affection, and respect, like family. Thereby, helps in creating a homely and comfortable environment for every patient.

Our clinics located in two locations – Midtown, 30309 and in Buckhead, 30305 attend every visitor and patient with the best services. The main motto of everyone in our team, at both Midtown Smile Center and the Buckhead Smile Center, is to bring happy smiles on every patient of ours. We are committed to providing you with the most hospitable environment and splendid services, to increase satisfaction levels of each of our patients and their family members.

We offer many services- cosmetic dental services and surgical services, depending upon the need of the patients. One such service that our smile centers are famous for is the teeth whitening service.

Teeth whitening service is a type of cosmetic dentistry service to enhance the smiles all over the world. It is the most popular and effective method of getting happier and dazzling smiles. In just about one hour, you can turn your smile into the sparkly, flashy smiles you have always wanted. This service can be availed at both of our Smile Centers – 30309 and 30305.

But teeth whitening technology, here at our centers, has leveled up. It has been taken a notch up. With the new Boost Teeth Whitening method, teeth whitening techniques have become more easy, more comfortable, hassle free and quick. There are many times when we want quick teeth whitening results for a particular event or a social gathering we are to attend. And the revolutionary Boost Teeth Whitening method here comes to our help.

This professional teeth whitening method can be performed by our team of professionals at our Smile Centers in under an hour’s time. The orthodontists will first check the current shade of your teeth and will note down the results; then the Boost Teeth Whitening treatment will be gently brushed to your teeth. And just under an hour, our patients can get visibly quick results of whiter and shinier teeth.

The boost teeth whitening treatment contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride, thus making it safe for everyone to use. Other advantages of this treatment include lessened tooth sensitivity and strengthened tooth enamel. Hence, making this treatment a mandatory one for almost everyone.

Contact us soon to get the consultation regarding the Boost teeth whitening treatment and book your appointments.

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