Risks and Prevention of Dental Bridges in Atlanta, GA

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Dental bridges are a very common restorative dentistry treatment, which takes the use of artificial teeth to close all kinds of gaps between the teeth, to enhance your smile. Dental bridges are of two kinds:

  • Traditional
  • Implants supported.

Both these dental bridges have major benefits for everyone, but they come along with certain risks as well. To make sure that dental bridges work for you, here is some help from some of the best dentist near Atlanta 30309.

No matter what dental bridges you choose for yourself and your dental aesthetics- the traditional ones, or the ones that are implant supported, bridges can help enhance your dental aesthetics and preserves them at the same time by preventing the soft tissue sagging.

The traditional bridges are restorative dental prosthetics that are made up artificial and fake teeth and later secured with the help of crowns. They tend to replace only the visible parts of your teeth that have been missing. Whereas the implants supported, dental bridges are fixed or anchored to your dental implants that eventually leads to them being a vital part of your dental aesthetics.

People who have been missing a couple of teeth in their mouth are the ideal candidates for dental bridges. People who have a good bone density, healthy teeth and gums, and are non-smokers can easily get dental bridges. However, if people suffer from any dental diseases like those related to the Periodontics should fix them, before moving on to such restorative procedures.

Dental bridges can be a challenging business. They can sometimes be difficult to maintain and hard to clean because they require cleaning between the teeth as well as on either side of them. Along with this, the traditional dental bridges, the surrounding dental structures need removal for them and the dental crowns that come after them to be fixed. This can lead to the weakening of such structures. The structures can now be prone to decay and damage as well. Thus, there might be a need to replace dental bridges later on. Whereas the implants supported dental bridges require surgeries for them to be fixed, and along with the surgery come the risks.

However, it must be noted that these risks and problems are rare. Because at our clinic in Atlanta, they are done with efficiency and finesse. Problems if they do occur can be overcome because of our tender care and protection.

The prevention part begins at our clinic when you come here first for getting your bridges. We put in extra efforts to assess your mouth completely before we begin. Our tooth preparation is completed with finesse to support you. Other than this, you need to:

  • Ensure that your bridge fits properly before you leave our clinic.
  • Avoid food items that can cause potential problems.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that can reach all kinds of nooks and corners.
  • Rinse daily with a mouthwash
  • Go for regular check-ups
  • Regularly go for a professional dental cleaning.

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