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Tooth Replacement

When a tooth is lost due to disease or trauma, in most cases it is important to replace it to protect your bite and preserve healthy jaw bone. Our doctors may recommend a bridge or dental implant to replace missing teeth in a small area, or, if multiple teeth are lost, we may recommend a partial or complete denture.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture typically has clasps that rest on natural teeth to secure a metal or acrylic platform base mounted with “false” teeth to fill spaces left by missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch. In most cases, complete dentures are the last option considered. With no teeth or opposing forces in the mouth, jaw bone levels can deteriorate over time.

  • If all of a patient’s teeth are lost at an early age, this can result in serious and costly oral health problems in later years.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If your dentures are uncomfortable or loose and denture adhesive is a nuisance, an implant supported denture may be a great option for you!

Enjoy smiling & eating again! Patients that have had their dentures secured with dental implants often comment that they can enjoy foods such as soft breads, steak and crunchy fruits and vegetables without the fear or awkwardness of loose dentures that slip and fall.

How Implant Supported Dentures work:

  • An implant supported denture is removable for cleaning, similar to your current dentures.
  • The difference, however, is that your new denture is fitted with special fittings that “snap” onto dental implants that have been strategically placed by a dental specialist for support.
  • The dental implants hold the denture firmly in place, thus eliminating the need for denture adhesives.

A dental implant supported denture will look and function very much as your natural teeth did. A snug fit also helps prevent sore gums that typically occur with rubbing dentures in need of adjustment. Read more aboutDental Implants

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