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It is tempting for anyone who came across over the counter (OTC) whitening products to consider its use after knowing that it promises outstanding results. Besides, they are affordable and that they can be used at home without needing to schedule dental appointments. However, our team at Smile Center Team wants everyone to understand that there are certain dangers that OTC products pose.



Reasons to discontinue the use of store-bought whitening

  • Some products do lighten the shade of the teeth; however, it would take weeks and multiple applications to achieve the level of whiteness the patient wants to attain. As a result, the convenience and cost-effectivity of the method are no longer applicable.
  • Patients are more likely to overuse the whitening product. Due to the desire of achieving their dream smile, one can easily disregard the instructions provided for safety. Do remember that OTC products are not meant to be used daily, only occasionally. Users cannot reason that they are using the safe amount, the problem lies to the “daily” use.
  • Store-bought products follow the concept of “one size fits all”. Due to this, the trays and strips provided with the whitening solution can be too big or too small for a patient. As a result, the soft tissues are more likely to be exposed to whitening agents that can cause irritations and burning sensations.
  • Unfortunately, people who settle for over the counter whiteners are not aware of the presence of cavities on their teeth. Decays can react negatively to the chemical used for teeth whitening; as a result, the patient can experience unpleasant teeth sensitivity.

Investing in professional teeth whitening treatments can assure patients that the things listed above are eliminated and reduced. Do know that any procedure performed under the watchful eyes and expertise of professionals are guaranteed safe.

At Smile Center Team, we do not settle for anything less, so we offer two of the well-known systems nowadays, Zoom! and Boost teeth whitening. Patients are assured that the treatment is performed with their comfort and safety in mind. Precautions are taken beforehand by shielding the soft tissues to avoid any irritations. Visible results are to be expected in a single session and as little as one hour!

Instead of spending hours and weeks of using weak whitening creams, gels, and strips that can be purchased in physical and online stores, why not invest in professional whitening?

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Smile Center Team and check out our options under Teeth Whitening in Atlanta, GA. Choose between Zoom! or Boost systems to achieve your dream smile.