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Dentures have always been the solution to tooth loss for many years. It is thanks to these dental devices that people were able to regain their lost smiles. Although tooth loss is never a pleasant experience, dental restorations like dentures make it bearable.

Despite the advances in technology, many still prefer to get dentures. Fortunately, newer versions are more durable and natural-looking, so patients are assured to find the appliance favorable. However, it is still common for people to have trouble adjusting to their dental prostheses. With that in mind, we at Smile Center Team help our new denture wearers by sharing some tips to make their overall experience pleasant.




Tips to Make Adjusting to New Dentures Easier

Be mindful of foods

After wearing their new dentures, patients are advised only to consume soft foods in the meantime and gradually switch back to the normal diet. Doing so makes the transition smooth without causing any pain and discomfort. When eating fruits, it is best to slice them in small pieces instead of biting them in whole.

Practice speaking

Having something in one’s mouth makes it hard for them to pronounce certain words. For example, eating a piece of candy while speaking to someone is not quite easy, and that is also the case with dentures. To help the mouth adjust, try reading a book or singing out loud. Doing so will make it easier for a person to form words without the oral device getting in the way.

Follow proper wear time

Dentists will instruct patients to wear dentures for only a certain amount of time. As long as this is followed, adjustment with the appliance will come easy. However, patients who believe that wearing it longer than necessary is best, know that it can do more harm by resulting in sore spots or even infections.

Observe the dental appliance

Make sure to notice any irregularity or changes with the dental device. If it slips, cause sores, uncomfortable, or generally “do not feel right,” make sure to seek the help of a dentist. They will adjust the fit of the prosthesis to make sure that it would not cause any problem to secure an easy adjustment.

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