Dental Veneers in Atlanta: An Overview

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In today’s world, people are more inclined towards spending money on medical and cosmetic procedures. The rise in demand of dental veneers in Atlanta is due to the ever-increasing need for looking smart and attractive. Such is the feel-good factor that extravagant expenditure is not a big issue anymore and sales serve as a huge boost to the dental industry.

But, the main question is whether these long-term investments on dental veneers, are worth it? In order not to succumb to the overpriced charges from the cosmetic dentists based in Atlanta, we need to make sure that we indulge in an extensive research. What we really need to know is that a dental ‘veneer’ is a special coating applied to the tooth/teeth not only to prevent the constant corrosion of the surface of the enamel but also to improve the aesthetic factor. The dental veneers can also come in handy in dealing with other dental issues like discoloration and fractures. The dental veneers can be differentiated into two main categories:

  1. a) Composite veneer
    b) Porcelain veneerWhile the composite dental veneer may be directly or indirectly constructed, the porcelain veneer needs to be indirectly fabricated always. The porcelain dental veneer is more expensive than the composite one. Hence, a client needs to conduct a thorough research on whether he really requires a porcelain coating. As a word of caution, one needs to be certain of purchasing a porcelain veneer session when in most of the cases, a simple composite one can serve the purpose at a much lower cost!Overall, for the dentists in Atlanta, the dental veneers serve as important and lucrative tools in the sphere of cosmetic dentistry. In addition to preventing damage, the dental veneers can aid in treating dental concerns like crooked teeth, improperly positioned teeth, small gaps in between teeth, misshaped or blackened teeth and decayed or shortened teeth. In fact, it is also highly effective on stubborn yellow stains.