Dental Crown Facts and Its Future with CEREC in Atlanta, GA

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Dental crowns are the ideal solution for patients with weakened tooth due to trauma or cavities. It is a tooth-shaped cap that can encase the entire tooth to restore both its strength and appearance. Aside from serving as a restoration for the damaged tooth, it can also preserve the structure after undergoing a root canal treatment. Crowns can even be a replacement for the lost tooth with the help of a dental implant.


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Know More about Crowns with these Facts!

  • To place a crown, some of the portions of the tooth will be slightly removed.
  • In some cases, the amount of tooth removed due to damage can be larger, so to guarantee a better fit, fillings can be applied.
  • A dental bridge that fills in the gaps due to tooth loss consists of crowns on its adjacent sides.
  • One benefit that patients can get with dental crowns is the preservation of the teeth which avoids the need for extraction.
  • With proper care and maintenance, crowns can last for many years.
  • Patients are assured that when they get crowns, it will be customized for them solely for a favorable outcome.
  • Crowns are made to resemble the natural teeth closely for better aesthetics.
  • The usual materials used for the creation of dental crowns are all-ceramic, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), metals, and zirconia.
  • The prosthesis may be replaced when it has experienced excessive wear. Other reasons will be if the crown is damaged, discolored, and if there is cavity present.

At Smile Center Team, we want to offer only the best dental care services available for our patient to achieve excellent overall oral health. Instead of providing the traditional crowns, we took advantage of the improvements in dental technology and opted to a more practical choice – One-Visit Dental Crowns with CEREC.

CEREC crowns made it possible for patients to complete a restoration in just a day! It uses CAD/CAM or Computer-aided design and manufacturing to instantly create a prosthesis in the office for only a few minutes.


The Difference of CEREC Crowns to Traditional Crowns

  • Eliminates the need for a temporary prosthesis while waiting for its creation in an off-site laboratory.
  • CEREC crowns only use ceramic materials for aesthetically pleasing and durable restorations.
  • It diminishes the need for multiple dental visits, making it the ideal option for people who are usually very busy.

Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about One-Visit Dental Crowns in Atlanta, GA, or to schedule your appointment with Smile Center Team.