How to Counter the Signs of Gum Disease in Atlanta, GA

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Don’t be shocked if you have gum disease. With the great number of adult population in the U.S who suffer from the said oral problem, it’s no longer surprising if even you, who happens to be obsessed with oral hygiene, still acquire the periodontal disease. Whether you discover the issue through its apparent symptoms or from the dentist’s diagnosis, the signs of gum disease should be addressed right away. How can you counter its annoying indications? Here at Smile Center Team, we will teach you how.


Periodontal Therapy


Gum Disease Symptoms

Teeth Sensitivity

Many factors can cause the teeth to become sensitive—one of them is gum disease. When bacterial pockets appear or if the gums start to recede, there is a high chance for the tooth root to become exposed. The occurrence then aggravates the case of teeth sensitivity. To combat discomfort, try to avoid the consumption of hot or cold foods.

Bleeding Gums

Unless you don’t floss your teeth routinely, it is possible for your gums to bleed if performed. However, if your brushing and flossing routine is consistent, then your gums should not do so. Bleeding gums that are caused by the periodontal disease will subside once the oral problem is treated. You can decrease the likelihood of your pink tissues to swell or show red patches by practicing the right oral hygiene daily. But in an instance where the symptom becomes persistent and shows other manifestations like inflammations and reddening of the gums, it is better to have it checked by the dentist.


Treatment For Gum Disease

The symptoms of gum disease can be temporarily relieved at home through proper oral hygiene. Nevertheless, the best way to completely diminish them is by having their root cause mended by the dentist. Various dental procedures help reverse the harmful effects of periodontal disease. Some of them are complex treatments, while others involve no surgical operations at all. Example of non-surgical gum therapy is deep cleaning. It is a procedure performed by dental professionals to cure the early stage of gum disease.

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